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Bite The Cherry

When you touch me
tease me
kiss me
please me, it's always right

All you can take by Whitney

Blue Tatoo (by Marci McDonald)


Detroit, Michigan

Pizzeria Italia stood like a shining beacon among the many stores that lined the busy street.

People had been known to cross two states just to sample the food and the ambience of the quaint little eatery.

It was a little piece of Italy in Detroit.

Alfredo Angelo was a teenager when he began assisting his father at the bistro and he was thirty when he inherited it.

By then he had married Carlotta Folino and they had settled into a modest but elegant house a block away from the bistro.

It was the 50's and Pizzeria Italia would soon became one of the most popular eating houses in Detroit.

A classic, swanky bistro that served excellent food round the clock with quintessential Italian style.

Alfredo and Carlotta Angelo lived long enough to taste the fruits of their labours and long enough to welcome a son into the world.

Luigi (nicknamed "Lucky") was the child they thought they would never have.

And Alfredo had taken the boy into the bistro as soon as he could walk.

Lucky watched and learned.

He spent his weekends spinning pizzas and creating authentic Italian meals under the tutelage of his father and the watchful eye of his mother.

He quickly showed great promise.

Lucky Angelo may not have been the smartest kid on the block but he had it where it counted.

He was generous and had a big heart and time would tell that he had a big something else too ...

Lucky Angelo was short and stocky with a cherubic face, curly black hair and fiery brown eyes.

He had an easy charm and a passionate Latin temperament and stepped naturally into his father's shoes.

Lucky Angelo had a common touch and a  flair for Italian cuisine.

Alfredo and Carlotta confidently predicted that he would soon be wearing the Pizzeria Italia crown.

Nobody had ever prepared Fettuccine con Carciofi with fresh artichokes or created intricate pizza's the way he had.

Lucky Angelo was forever experimenting with new ingredients and introducing new dishes to the menu.

He had plans for the Pizzeria Italia.and his father was impressed.

Soon new customers were streaming in.

Lucky Angelo was indeed lucky.

He was now eighteen and had filled out into a well built young man.

But he had a secret that he could no longer conceal.

Lucky had been nursing it since puberty.

And he was baffled by how it had suddenly grown almost over night.

As young Lucky Angelo stared at his reflection in the mirror - standing sideways or full frontal - it was plain to see and unmistakable.

He couldn't hide it any longer.

Lucky Angelo had been blessed with an enormous penis.

It was so big that even his mother had expressed astonishment.

"Santa Maria!" Carlotta Angelo would cry, before crossing herself.

His father was proud of his son's huge member but poor Lucky was ashamed.

At fifteen, Lucky had shown his penis to a curious girl behind the bistro one day and much to his consternation, she ran screaming away.

Football practice was hell.

Marci McDonald ‘Kym’s Lilies
The other boys had seen a naked Lucky Angelo in the shower cubicle or changing rooms and they either admired or feared him.

He was mercilessly teased about his appendage in the school yard - the Italian-American kids were the worst - and he soon got into brawls.

Lucky started coming home with a black eye or split lip and he always lied about his injuries.

He dropped out of school as soon as he could and made Pizzeria Italia his future.

Lucky Angelo may not have have been blessed with brains but he had an engaging personality, good looks and talent in the kitchen.

And he evidently had a burgeoning talent somewhere else too ...

The Angelos' were observant Catholics and often attended church on Sunday's.

So Lucky tentatively expressed his bewilderment to Father Antonio at confession one afternoon.

He confessed that his big appendage was becoming a problem.

The priest was disconcerted but agreed to take a look.

"Help me, father!" Lucky cried as he pulled down his pants.

Father Antonio's hand flew to his mouth.

"It appears that God has blessed you with a special gift!" The priest gulped "And we should always be grateful for his ... bestowing!"

"Am I cursed?" Lucky Angelo wailed as he looked down at his huge member.

"Good Lord, no!" Father Antonio exclaimed "Some men would kill for one that big!"

And so Lucky Angelo swallowed his doubts and focused on making Pizzeria Italia great.

It was the early 70's and the Carpenters were riding high in the charts, polyester was the material of choice and platforms shoes were in.

Alfredo and Carlotta Angelo were taking more of a back seat now and Lucky had taken over the reins of the bistro.

There was a fresh energy in the bistro and it had attracted a whole new surge of diners.

And it wasn't long before Lucky Angelo had acquired his own army of admirers.

Girls had always frequented the Pizzeria Italia but Lucky had never really been interested in them.

He thought girls were annoying and he didn't pay much attention to them.

But now when they came, Lucky noticed how they gazed at him over their milkshakes.

How they giggled and whispered among themselves every time he passed them or when he took their orders.

Lucky had never really been aware of it before, but now it was hard to ignore.

They were looking at him as if they wanted to eat him like one of his celebrated meals.

And Lucky Angelo was beginning to experience some new sensations in his groin.

It wasn't long before his head was turned.

He was noticing breasts bouncing in tight cotton tops and smooth asses in tight jeans.

And he was intrigued by the way girls flirted and didn't say what they really meant.

One of the girls was very persistent and she was at the bistro almost every Saturday afternoon with her friend.

She was a pretty redhead named Abigail Jordan.

And she was sweet sixteen.

"What would you like today?" Lucky asked her with a smile.

Abigail blushed violently.

"Banana milkshake, please!"

"Extra cream?"

"Oh yes ..." the girl cried with wide open eyes "extra cream .."

"Yes please"

Her eyes had quickly brushed across the bulge between his muscled legs .

Something big lurked inside those jeans.

Abigail and her friend giggled.

Lucky Angelo's shirt was unbuttoned down to the navel and the girls could see his muscular, hairy chest.

He was all man.

And Abigail Jordan was convinced she was going to marry the sexy Italian-American.

So she made him promise to make an honest woman out of her.

"I promise on my grandmother's grave that I will see you right!" Lucky Angelo swore on their first night together.

Abigail Jordan screamed out loud the first time she saw the size of his enormous member.

"It's a monster!" She exclaimed.

Abigail was a virgin and had never seen a penis before but she was sure that the one she was looking at was not meant to be that big.

"Father Antonio says it's a gift from God!" Lucky Angelo informed her proudly.

Abigail thought he was going to split her in two.

He was very energetic.

The bed shook so violently that Abigail Jordan was sure it was going to break and that Mr and Mrs Angelo could hear what was going on.

Lucky had had to place his hand over Abigail's mouth because she was making so much noise.

He took to sex like he took to creating a new menu - with passion and gusto.

Abigail Jordan was so sore that she could hardly walk for several days after.

She no longer wanted the swarthy young man to make an honest woman of her.

Lucky Angelo never saw Abigail again.

He later discovered that the Jordan's had moved to Canada and taken their daughter with them.

From then on, Lucky Angelo took to enthusiastic coupling.

He had a big appetite and a very high sex drive.

Lucky made love as if he was preparing a prize meal.

He took his time and made sure he was completely satisfied with the end result.

Lucky Angelo had quickly come to the conclusion that his "gift" should be shared with the world.

And word soon got round that he was an Italian stallion.

Hung like a horse.

And Lucky Angelo loved it.

Within ten years he had turned the fortunes of Pizzeria Italia right round and as 1980 loomed, he was coming to terms with the fact that he was now a wealthy young man.

Lucky Angelo was indeed lucky.

Both his parents had passed by then and Lucky was employing a small team.

He lived in a fine house in a good neighbourhood and was counted as a good Italian boy.

But he had been unlucky in love.

Lucky Angelo's partners were brief encounters and most women baulked at the size of his member so that he found sexual fulfilment with prostitutes who had no problem with his huge penis.

But the gnawing loneliness continued and he often went home to a big, empty house.

In 1986, Lucky Angelo met Dana Devaney at Pizzeria Italia.

He was intrigued by the chic woman and her distinguished looking party.

And he quickly found out that she was heiress to the famous Devaney Oil Conglomerate.

Dana Devaney was tall and attractive with sparkling blue eyes and a sharp wit.

The Texas born beauty found the swarthy Italian-American man irresistible.

Lucky Angelo wasn't like the Southern men she was used to; he was charming and self-effacing and she liked that.

Love quickly blossomed between them.

In the early days of their relationship, they conducted their affair in a Detroit hotel.

And Dana Devaney was completely stunned at the size of his member.

"You're not going to stick that in me, are you?" She cried.

Lucky Angelo was standing naked before her, while she lay expectantly on the big hotel bed in a silk Valentino nightdress.

Devaney had never seen such an enormous penis before.

"You bet your sweet little ass I am!" Lucky Angelo replied with a grin.

The first time they made it in bed, Dana Devaney nearly screamed the hotel down.

Lucky Angelo was insatiable in bed and so was she.

Dana Devaney was an experienced women but he was too much - even for her.

The couple were married in Hawaii in 1987 and at a lavish reception they danced to Make It With You by Bread.

Presently they settled in Detroit in an even bigger house than Lucky had known.

The house had sixty-five rooms, which included a games room, a gym and an indoor heated pool.

Lucky Angelo was lucky again.

Or so it seemed.

Expensive holidays to far flung places and extravagant parties with the jet-set quickly followed.

Lucky Angelo was mixing with the hoi polloi but soon felt out of place.

He didn't belong in that world.

People ignored him and spoke to Dana.

Marci McDonald 
Those who did acknowledge him, regarded him as a "rough diamond".

He was little more than Dana's "down town man".

Lucky and Dana were arguing most days now.

Dana was eager to move out of Detroit but Lucky was resistant.

Pizzeria Italia was being neglected because Dana insisted Lucky did not need to work anymore.

He had lost his purpose and he drank to numb his feelings.

Pizzeria Italia was languishing in the doldrums; out of step and out of date.

Standards at the bistro had fallen dramatically in his absence and even the famous menu was looking boring.

Times had changed but Pizzeria Italia had not.

The bistro's appeal had evaporated along with its diners.

Lucky's disgruntled staff were bickering among themselves and many of them handed in their notice and got work a block away at Gino's Bistro.

Gino's Bistro was doing a roaring trade.

Pizzeria Italia was no longer the best eatery in town.

It was now a tired little eatery that had seen better days.

Lucky Angelo had started to drink and as the 80's drew to a close, he realised he was in serious trouble.

He no longer made love to his wife.

She couldn't take it any more.

Dana Angelo complained that it was like being lanced by a javelin.

The novelty of sex with a hung man had worn off.

Lucky Angelo may have had a big cock, but he was a lousy husband.

They no longer made it in bed, or anywhere else.

Dana Angelo delivered her husband an ultimatum.

They could move to New York and begin a new life there or they could stay in Detroit and watch their marriage fall apart.

Lucky was non-committal.

Dana Angelo started seeing Rex Davidson, one of her business partners.

Then she filed for divorce.

The house was sold and Lucky moved into a smaller property.

Things took a grim turn for the worst.

Lucky's drinking habit was spiralling out of control and Pizzeria Italia was facing closure.

It was the early 90's and he had finally hit rock bottom.

He couldn't keep a woman and only prostitutes were willing to momentarily satisfy his needs.

Standing outside the boarded up bistro Lucky Angelo wondered if his parents could see him now.

It was Friday night.

Lucky pulled up outside the club.

Kootchy's flashed brightly above the doors.

Lucky Angelo flicked his cigarette away as he entered the smoky club.

He was dressed in a silver Moschino suit and he had made an effort but he was in no mood to entertain the ladies so he got a whiskey and soda and found a seat in a quiet corner of the club.

Tonight it appeared to be full of expectant singletons and weary business men looking for fun or escapism.

Lucky could just make out the figure of a woman on the stage and a small band beside her through all the dry ice and cigarette smoke.

He had forgotten - tonight was performance night.

Lucky Angelo was poised to down his drink and make a quick exist, when the woodiest voice he had ever heard began to fill the foetid air of the club.

A low murmur had arisen among the throng.

And as Lucky squinted into the clouds of smoke he quickly realised that the reaction wasn't just down to the singer's oral skills.

Lucky Angelo was unable to suppress the huge grin that had spread across his swarthy face.

Standing on the stage was the most well endowed female he had ever seen.

She was wearing a skimpy black Dior dress with a plunging neckline and her enormous breasts were threatening to make an appearance.

They were the most gigantic pair of breasts Lucky Angelo had ever seen and he suddenly had to look away for fear he would be struck blind.

The mysterious woman was the sexiest creature he had ever seen.

All eyes were fixed firmly upon her as she swayed seductively to the beat.

The woman was tall and striking with exploding black hair, bright hazel eyes and warm olive skin.

As she finished her rendition of Feel like Makin' Love by Roberta Flack, the woman seemed to look right into Lucky Angelo's soul.

Her big pouting red lips were made for mischief.

Men were falling over themselves to buy the mysterious creature a drink.

But as Lucky sidled nonchalantly over to her, she broke out into a broad grin.

She was even more beautiful close up.

"Not seen you here before" she said in a husky unmistakably accented voice.

A shiver ran down Lucky Angelo's spine as she held him with her eyes.

He quickly surmised that she was Latino.

"My first time" Lucky answered.

"Let's dance!" She cried.

It was more of a command and Lucky Angelo obeyed.

"I get a fair idea of what someone is really like from the way they dance!" She added knowingly.

And that was the sexiest thing Lucky Angelo had ever heard.

So the couple danced to Sex Machine by James Brown as everyone seemed to disappear from the dance floor.

When the song had ended, the woman took Lucky by the hand and led him to a secluded table.

"My name is Foxy" she informed him "Foxy Zavala. My real name is Fortuna but I prefer Foxy!"

Lucky Angelo was momentarily mesmerised by the beguiling woman.

"Cat got your tongue?" She smiled.

"Lucky!" He finally answered "My name is Lucky Angelo!"

"Would you believe that? Fortunata, Lucky - same name!"

"Yeah ... meant to be"

"Thank you"

"For what?"

"For not staring at my boobs. Guys are usually too busy staring at my tits to pay attention to my words!"

"They must be crazy!" Lucky Angelo assured her.

Marci McDonald 
"Ask me!"

"Ask you what?"

"Ask me if they're real!"

"Okay ... are they real?" Lucky asked her obediently.

"You bet your ass they are!" Foxy Zavala smiled.

He was counting his own lucky stars as he gazed into the sparkling eyes of the delectable creature before him.

"I'm Puerto Rican" Foxy informed him "I like to sing and I get by"

"I'd like to get to know you better"


Within three weeks Foxy Zavala had moved into Lucky Angelo's modest house.

She wasn't fazed by the size of his huge member their first night together.

Foxy cocked an eyebrow as Lucky stood naked before her.

"Chicks usually run screaming into the hills at this point!" Lucky Angelo informed her.

He was waiting for a scream or a punchline or the hasty sound of his lady friend quickly dressing and hurriedly exiting the house.

Instead she threw back her head and laughed out loud.

Finally she spoke.

"With my tits and your cock, we make a great team!" Foxy Zavala declared.


Lucky married Foxy two weeks after his divorce came through.

He decided to turn his fortunes around and checked into rehab.

Then he got a loan and breathed new life into Pizzeria Italia, turning it into a swanky bar called Fortunato with an Italian twist and live performances every Friday.

It soon became the place to be and business was booming.

Fortunato was the hippest joint in Detroit.

Lucky Angelo swore both his parents were smiling down upon him.

And he and Foxy made love so passionately that they broke the bed.

Foxlilies (by Marci McDonald)


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